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How To Write A Strong Reflective Essay On Being A Teenager

Teenage life is always riddled with fun and challenge. This means, to overcome these challenges one has to balance between freedom and being dedicated to life’s goals. There are young people who despite putting in efforts to go through this stage in life without ever witnessing setbacks, the experiences of teenage life always bring to the fore the negative flipside of things and they are left wondering what they are supposed to do to keep going strong. Well, every teenager can write so much about his or her life and in fact produce thousands of pages on teenage experiences. Anyone who is not able to pen down experiences of a past teenage life must have actually missed out on much fun that come with it. What if doing a reflective essay on this was a compulsory task for each and every teenager from around the world? How will you go about it? Well, let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will instrumentally guide you when writing reflectively on your teenage life.

Developing the writing plot

Most people remember virtually everything about their teenage life and therefore when an opportunity arises to put those vivid memories on paper rather than tell a story about it, many will definitely take a nosedive into the undertaking with the hope of scoring high. But come to think of it. In as much as you memory is photographic about your teenage life, are you able to put everything into perspective without incoherently tabling facts? This is plot which basically denotes the events of that youthful life. Make sure everything is plotted successively beforehand so that any reader will witness a flow of events.

Thinking about the narration

Well, a reflective essay on your youthful life is something that should never be boring. In this regard, it is always important to take into consideration the aspect of narration or description. People enjoy reading engaging literary pieces and this is something that should make your reflective essay on being a teenager a great thriller.

What diction will work for you?

If you were to do a reflective essay piece on being a teenager after passing that stage which is usually the case, it is obvious that your language register will be different. This is pointer towards the choice of words to use. Use words that are easy to understand because universality of any essay matters since anyone will want to read it.


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