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7 fresh narrative essay writing tips for beginners

  1. When you are writing a narrative essay it is best to think of it as though you were telling a story. These essays can be personal or anecdotal. They provide students with a chance to express themselves in a creative fashion.
  2. When you're writing a narrative essay it is important that you write it as though it were in fact a story. This means that your essay needs to include all the parts of a traditional story. You must include an introduction, a plot, different characters, a setting, a climax, and a conclusion.
  3. What is the purpose of the narrative essay? The purpose is to make a point. Consider the narrative essay like a thesis. You are narrating for a reason. And if there is no good reason for your narration, why should you narrate at all?
  4. When you write your narrative essay you can write it from the standpoint of yourself but that is not the only perspective that you can use.
  5. Be creative in your narrative essay and write it from whatever point of view works best for your story.
  6. With any narrative essay, the language is important. You must choose your language carefully. The words that you select should evoke different senses and emotions and your reader.
  7. Remember that as you write your narrative essay you must always be organized. Your introduction is what sets the tone for the rest of your paper. Do not leave your reader to try and guess what the purpose of your paper is. As the writer you are in control, and you can give the reader the path that they need.

If you review your essay and it is not quite perfect, try to revise it. Change the order in which you present your arguments. That might make all the difference. Compare your thesis to a thesis for the opposition and see how strong yours is. After you have proofread it is time to edit your paper. Editing is where you check for errors with mechanics and grammar, and improve your style and clarity. It may be in your best interest to have a friend review your essay to give you a fresh perspective and find any errors. Sharing your finish essay with someone in your class can be an exciting process especially if they offer feedback which you can learn from and incorporate into your next essay.


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