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Where To Seek Assistance If I Don't Want To Write My Essay?

Sometimes, your will overrides capacity. There are many tasks which you can easily bring to a successful conclusion but you don’t feel motivated enough to take them on. For me, this often happens with essays.

Toll of burden

I feel an invisible burden vanquishing me whenever I need to write my essay. I am much better off taking assistance from fellows who love this task. Personally, I recommend this site to get you through with the blues.

Here is what I do if I don’t feel like taking my essays on –

  • Classmates – I have a friend who is absolutely wonderful at dishing out exceptional essays. I often refer to him as ‘my essay writer’. There is a problem with him though. He has a signature tune; there are some words which he uses frequently. So, his essays are distinct and identifiable and my teacher is very intelligent.
  • Specialist tutors – I frequently ask my tutor to do the task for me, or at least jot down the principle points leaving me precious little to do. There is one problem with this as well. There is a limit to the times I can ask him to help me with this.
  • Work platform – I also take regular usage of a writer on the work platform for my school assignments. I know he can easily tackle my essays; although I have never asked him for that. His charges are reasonable and his work has a sense of professional etiquette. I appreciate the feeling that I can always go that route, if trouble comes.
  • Retired professors – I am a friendly fellow and have a warm relation with retired professors living in my neighborhood. They should be aware of the teaching approaches and would surely know how to carve essays; especially Mrs. Higgins, The erstwhile Language teacher. She will hardly ask money from me, provided I approach him only for emergencies.
  • My elder sibling – My elder brother is a wizard with English and I can always indulge him with my essay. Strangely, I have never involved him with my educational pursuits. The world is running and I don’t mind.

A thrilling device

Now, essay for me is a write-up that should thrill you into following its wings. The suggestions should be pragmatic and strategic so that the piece becomes identifiable. When I get my essays done, I go through them looking for this quotient and make an endeavor to add a few lines to make it suitable.


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