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10 Fundamental Rules Of Writing s

Any essay is an academic paper that is subordinate to certain rules. If you don’t follow them, your research will hardly ever be a success, no matter what the subject is.

Rules of Essay Writing

  1. Know the structure.
  2. Most papers of this type consist of five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusions. It’s sometimes possible to join the three body paragraphs into a bigger one but the intro and conclusions should be present in any case.

  3. Make the intro catchy.
  4. The intro is the first thing that readers see when they open your paper. Make the intro catchy enough to keep the readers’ attention.

  5. Compose an interesting thesis statement.
  6. A thesis statement is a phrase that conveys the idea of your paper in a nutshell. If you make it somewhat debatable and provocative, your readers will appreciate it, and your essay will win better grades.

  7. Keep the language simple.
  8. Even if you write about criminal justice, your language is still supposed to stay clear and understandable to all readers.

  9. Pick out reliable argumentation support.
  10. You are expected to state your point of view in practically all types of essays. All the statements that you make should be supported by reliable facts, especially on such a subject as criminal justice. Make sure that all the reference sources that you have used are reliable enough.

  11. Don’t overdo.
  12. If you are told to fit your essay in a certain amount of pages, do it. There’s no need to write ten pages instead of just three. Reduce the content to the most important things.

  13. Don’t forget about the formatting.
  14. All academic papers are written in a specific way, in accordance with different writing styles. If you are told to finish your paper in one of them, make sure that you know where to look the demands up and how to format your text properly.

  15. Edit the text.
  16. When you’re done with the writing, proofread the text in order to eliminate mistakes.

  17. Use samples.
  18. If writing from scratch is too complicated for you, take advantage of the available samples of essays of the needed type. They will show how to build a proper structure.

  19. Use professional writing services.
  20. It’s sometimes necessary to resort to the services of professionals, especially if you see that you have obviously stuck and there’s no more time to handle everything.

The 11th Essay Writing Rule

If you have problems with the writing, turn to your teacher immediately, before you waste too much time and efforts, moving in a wrong direction.


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