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Basic Instructions On How To Write A University-Level Essay In 30 Minutes

No one likes to be in this situation, but sometimes we find ourselves having to write a top-notch university-level essay in as a little as 30 minutes. If you’re reading this you probably don’t have much time to spare, so let’s get right down to business:

  1. Spend 10 minutes planning
    1. Review the essay question
    2. Read the assignment prompt carefully and underline every question or part you will have to address to meet its basic requirements. If you are given a choice, it’s obvious that you should choose whichever is easier to complete.

    3. Draft a thesis statement
    4. The thesis statement should clearly and directly communicate the main argument you will be making in the essay. A great way to come up with a draft statement is to simply ask yourself “What is this essay about and what am I saying about that topic?”

    5. Create a paper outline
    6. Create a paper outline to organize the main argumentative points you will be making. It’s probably a good idea to stick to a five paragraph format, using your three best ideas as the body paragraphs, preceded by the introduction, and succeeded by the conclusion.

  2. Take 15 minutes to write
    1. Write a great introduction
    2. Start your paper with a great hook. Consider using a question, a quotation, or an anecdote – whatever it takes to get your assignment started with a bang. Next, provide some background info and then end the introduction with a solid thesis statement.

    3. Write body paragraphs
    4. Each body paragraph should hold a single argumentative point followed by an example or supporting piece of evidence taken from your research. Next, you should provide your original ideas about how this evidence supports your main argument. End each body paragraph with a transitional sentence.

    5. Write the conclusion
    6. Your concluding part should summarize and synthesize the ideas presented in the body paragraphs. This means connecting them with one another and demonstrating how they prove your thesis. Make sure your ending is clear and to the point. Never introduce new arguments or ideas.

  3. Spend 5 minutes on final touches
    1. Edit and proofread
    2. Never submit a college paper without first having edited and proofread it in its entirety. If possible, ask someone else to re-read your work after you’ve done this step, since in your current state you might have missed a few errors.

    3. Create an assignment title
    4. The final step involves coming up with a great paper title. It should be both interesting and to the point. Let the reader know what the paper will be about, but don’t simply restate what is in the introduction.


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