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Selecting Narrative Essay Topics About Asthma: 17 Good Prompts

When creating an essay on the subject of asthma you have to get the title right if you’re interested in achieving the top grade possible. The chances of reaching your potential grade will not be that high when the title you have opted for is difficult to complete. If you have no idea what kind of narrative essay topic to select on asthma, then don’t hesitate to have a look at the 17 suggestions below:

  1. What are the leading causes of asthma in the Western world?
  2. How can more be done to eliminate asthma in the modern society?
  3. What technological advances have been made in recent years to prevent the rise of asthma?
  4. What technological advances have been made to reduce the suffering of asthma patients?
  5. How can we do more to help those around us that are suffering from asthma?
  6. What are the top studies to have been completed on asthma in recent years?
  7. Who are the top scientists working on asthma related issues today?
  8. What can be done to ensure that in the future a fewer number of people suffer from asthma?
  9. How does asthma work and what are the leading causes?
  10. How can a person change their lifestyle to reduce the chances of asthma taking hold of their life?
  11. What complications can arise from asthma?
  12. What can be done to ensure that you kids do not get asthma?
  13. Is asthma somewhat the cause of the country you live in?
  14. Explain how the distribution of asthma changes as you move from city to countryside
  15. What medical attention is required for those with asthma?
  16. Are there any operations that can reduce the effects of asthma?
  17. What medication is available for those suffering from asthma?

Selecting a topic on asthma shouldn’t be hard because it is a subject that is quite popular. There are a lot of asthma sufferers in the world and for that reason you’ll find plenty of information on it online. Just take your time to browse the top online blogs and news websites to get all the info that is required to end up with an essay that you can be proud to submit.


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