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Art Critique Example Essays: How To Find Reliable Resources

The key to a good critique essay is honest perspective. The word “critique” gives off a very negative vibe because the only thing that comes to mind is degrading someone else’s work based on your judgments. In reality however critique essays are way different than their common perception. Students misperceive the word critique as negative comments about someone’s work. However, a critique actually is an honest and objective review that analyzes both the strengths and weaknesses in a paper.

What are critique essays?

Critiquing an essay means to break it down into components and thoroughly analyzing each and every element, evaluating and leaving no single component untouched.

Generally critical analysis essays involve works of popular authors and artists where you have to keep your eyes and ear open and assess each and every word and element and then discussing both its strengths and weaknesses.

How to Critique Art?

Critiquing art is way different than critiquing some movie or book. The primary difference being that not everyone understands art. So before you move onto the critical analysis of some piece of art, you have to go through the preliminary phase of understanding that form of art and have some frame of reference to compare it with.

So critiquing art is a 4 step process

  1. Describe the obvious
  2. Analyze the piece
  3. Interpret the implicit and explicit meanings and elements
  4. Evaluate the art piece in comparison to some frame of reference.

How to find reliable sources?


The internet is full of sample essays on art critique. In fact you can find several examples on the same art piece that’s been assigned to you. Of course these examples exist only to help you gain some perspective. Your critique essay has to be unique and fresh reflecting your thoughts alone.


You can visit your college library and consult the arts section to find books or guides on art forms, art critiquing and other relevant information.

Magazines and subscriptions

Another reliable source is subscribing to art magazines which have weekly or monthly issues with art critique sections. One good thing about them is that they encourage young, new writers to publish their critical analysis which are bold and offer fresher perspectives.

Your teachers

The easiest source is your own professor because obviously he knows a lot more than you do at this stage. You’ll get individual counseling.


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