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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born 1926 in London to George VI and Elizabeth Bowes. She ascended to the throne in 1952 after her father’s death and was crowned in 1953. She has been serving as Britain’s monarch since then making her one of the longest serving monarchs in the British kingdom. The Queen married Phillip Mountbatten in 1947 and has four children who include Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne.

The Queen’s Major Accomplishments

Queen Elizabeth is the longest serving monarch in Britain since the reign of Queen Victoria and the head of the Commonwealth. Her official duties began when she turned 16 and became a state counselor at the age of 18. The Queen served alongside other women in the Second World War in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She has led Britain as the head of state through major political changes and conflicts. She has travelled to many countries over the years and established relations with heads of state and other international leaders that have benefited Britain. She is the most travelled head of state and the first monarch to circumnavigate the globe. She has remained committed to her duties despite controversies in her family and oppositions to her reign.

Queen Elizabeth II has initiated and supported many charitable courses in her reign. Although the Queen has no direct powers, her unpublicized political opinion and views have shaped the politics and economy of Britain over the years. She has remained devoted to her family and modernized the monarchy. She had opened some sites such as the Windsor castle and Buckingham Palace to the public. She offered to pay taxes in the 1990s to contribute to national income. The Queen has changed some of customs in monarchy including those that banned princesses from inheriting the throne and marriage to Catholics.

Threats to the Queen’s Reign

Queen Elizabeth II has faced various scandals and threats in her reign. The children’s marriages were dissolved publicly during her reign in the 1990s. The Queen faced family tragedies including the death of her daughter in law Princess Diana soon after her marriage to Prince Charles was dissolved. Princess Diana’s death was highly publicized and the Queen was attacked for her delayed response to the tragedy. The Queen lost her sister Queen Margaret and her mother a few months before celebrating her Golden Jubilees in 2002.

The Irish Republican Army threatened the Queen’s reign in the 1970s and killed her husband’s uncle in a boat explosion. In 1981, the Queen was shot at when celebrating her birthday. She had another scary encounter when a man intruded her bedroom in Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s husband public comments on their marriage strained her reign and popularity.


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