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Strategy For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Air Pollution

Air pollution, as we know, is of grave concern as the existence of humanity itself is at stake if it goes uncontrolled and unchecked. Now in order to prepare a good write up on the cause and effects of air pollution, you need to come up with a strategy or a plan so that things can proceed in a smooth way. We will now discuss a few points that will help you to achieve the same:

For a cause and effect essay, you will need to develop a thesis. And, for that, you have to first determine a few parameters like:

  • What effect(s) are you going to analyze in the write-up?
  • What casual chain is responsible for the effect?
  • What necessary cause or the primary or first cause or the main cause is leading to the casual chain? It is important to note at this point that there can be multiple effects and multiple chains as well. However, there can only be a single primary cause
  • What relationship will be attempted to explored between the effect and cause and most importantly why?

The important aspects of cause and effect

We will now give you a brief idea regarding what aspects related to the causes should be considered in the writing on air pollution. These would be:

  • First of all, there has to be the primary cause that is a necessary cause, in absence of which, the effect cannot occur at all.
  • The first link and any casual chains that might follow.
  • Next, there would be the sufficient causes which per se might give the effect that you might have chosen to explore. So, you will need to touch upon those.

Regarding the effects to be considered for the writing, the following will have to be adhered to:

  • You must keep in mind that every cause and effect essay is primarily about the causes.
  • In some cases, the focus might be on the effects of a single cause.

For example in the case of acid rain, there could be several effects worth discussing, but you might be required to review what exactly makes acid rain, in the first place.

Overall, ensure that you are not going too far enough. To keep an eye on that:

  • Don't lose control of the writing by covering something very broad.
  • Always try to narrow down on the topic.

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