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Why You Shouldn't Rely On A Bibliographic Essay Example You Found Online

It's fair to say that every type of essay is unique and certainly a bibliographic essay fits nicely into that category. You can argue that there is no other essay like a bibliographic essay. The main difference being that it's not really there to discuss a topic. A bibliographic essay is about a single topic but its aim is to tell the reader what's available as far as reading matter and research material is concerned. A bibliographic essay is in some ways a combination between a dictionary and sales broker. It tells you a bit about the topic but then it also it tells you where you can find information to further investigate the topic.

So why should you be wary of reading a bibliographic essay example and then using it to base your own writing on your own chosen topic? There are a number of factors to consider here.

  • Is the information correct?
  • Is the information complete?
  • Is the topic in any way related to the topic you have chosen?
  • Is the structure and layout of the example ideal?

Every essay which quotes factual information should be evaluated by you to ensure it is correct. But as a large chunk of a bibliographic essay involves a large chunk of so-called factual information, it's vitally important that you double-check the information provided in the sample to see that it is without fault.

While it is probably unfair to choose a topic for a bibliographic essay and then claim that you have provided all the reasonable resources available, it is likewise important to ensure that the most important or the most relevant resources are definitely included. So therefore again using a sample you find a bibliographic essay you do need to ask yourself the question if the information and resources suggested form a complete list.

If the topic you have chosen is in no way related to the sample you are examining then it may be very difficult to make comparisons and to learn something important. Ideally you would find a bibliographic essay example with a topic which was at least related in some way to the topic you have chosen.

And even if all the information provided is correct and complete and even if the topic chosen is related even closely related to what you choose to write about, you must consider the structure and layout of the bibliographic essay example. It needs to be the correct structure. The work needs to be well written and obviously proofread and edited.


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