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27 Interesting Informative Essay Topics On Martin Luther King Jr.

An informative essay paper provides in-depth details about a topic. A topic idea on Martin Luther King Jr. can be interesting yet challenging. There are many aspects people can learn about him. You can develop ideas on what to write based on what you feel are most interesting elements about his life. You can find here ideas on how to develop content for your project. The following information provides tips on choosing ideas along with sample ideas to write about.

Do Research on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Take Notes

You may be surprised to learn a few things you didn’t know about Dr. King. This information can be used to develop a topic for your project. You can use different resources such as reputable websites with creditable information about his life, books written about his efforts and even other essay papers written about him. Be open to different resources to find good ideas you will be interested to write about.

27 Ideas to Inspire Original Topics of Your Own

The following ideas offer different perspectives on an informative essay you could write about Dr. King.

  1. King’s bestselling book.
  2. Why he wrote the “I have a dream” speech.
  3. How his birthday became national holiday.
  4. His assassination.
  5. His beliefs on civil rights.
  6. How the museum was established in his honor.
  7. The last time he was arrested.
  8. The first march he led.
  9. How he met his wife.
  10. How his family continued his legacy.
  11. Other leaders he met during his lifetime.
  12. Why people feel his actions made a difference.
  13. Why people disliked him.
  14. Riots that occurred when he was assassinated.
  15. The letter he wrote in jail that was published in news publications across the country.
  16. Why some think he could have been president of the United States.
  17. How he got his name.
  18. Famous quotes he was known for saying.
  19. How his children continue doing his work.
  20. How King believed everyone should be treated equally.
  21. Most popular speeches he gave.
  22. Most significant marches he participated in.
  23. The number of times he was arrested and for what reasons.
  24. The investigation behind his assassination.
  25. How the King monument statue in Washington D.C. was established.
  26. His life before he became a civil rights leader.

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