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Five Points To Consider While Writing A 5th Grade Expository Essay

Expository writing is often described as a life skill and a daily requirement of most careers. You need to understand and follow proven steps of the writing process to master expository essays.

Typically, an expository essay is composed of five main paragraphs. There is an introductory paragraph that contains the thesis or the main idea. Then the next three paragraphs provide details and support the thesis. The final paragraph is the conclusion; it reinstates the main idea and ties together the main points covered in the essay.

Here are five steps to follow in order to write a great expository essay:

  1. Prewrite the essay
  2. In this phase, all you need to do is brainstorm the given topic and note down main points. Thereafter, start your research, taking down notes as appropriate. Creating an outline as you conduct your research will help when you finally sit down to write the final copy of the essay. Organize your points in the manner in which you want to cover them in the essay. Identify the main idea to be discussed in each paragraph and see if you can find supporting points for each.

  3. Drafting the expository
  4. Drafting is the actual writing. With the main points already outlined, it shouldn’t be a very difficult process. Nevertheless, there are a few points to observe. For instance, the most important sentence in the introductory paragraph is the one that states the thesis of the main idea of the essay. Ensure that each paragraph states a separate point and that the conclusion ties together all the points discussed. Most of all, use third person (i.e. he, she, and it).

  5. Revise the essay
  6. See if you have made the essay as neutral as possible without undue bias. Rather than express your own opinions, expository essays are written based on hard facts. Ensure that your points are clearly communicated and that technical terms (if used) are clearly explained. Also, ensure that you haven’t “sprawled” your paragraphs. Sprawling is where a writer veers from a topic by providing unnecessary details.

  7. Edit the essay
  8. In this step, you need to clean the essay of any glaring mistakes. Recheck your sentence structures to ensure that the whole essay is easily readable from start to end. Also, strike out tense, spelling and grammar mistakes.

  9. Publish the essay
  10. The final step is publication. In schools and colleges, this involves sharing the essay with the rest of the class.

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