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All You Need To Know About The Format Of An Explanatory Essay

Explanatory essays, as the name implies, are used to present or explain a certain event, situation, or viewpoint. The writer is charged with the task of breaking down a difficult topic and simplifying it so that it is much easier for the reader to understand. One of the most important points to keep in mind when you are writing is that the education of your audience is the main goal of your paper. Personal opinions of the writer, along with research that has an obvious bias should both be avoided. Here is everything that you will ever need to know about an explanatory essay format:


The purpose of the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader so that they are interested in how your paper turns out. This can be done by creating an outline of the topic you will be exploring and why it should matter to the reader. Additionally, you should also have a brief discussion of the research sources you used, some of the potential causes of the problem, the people and institutions who are involved, and several potential solutions.


The main part of your essay is made up of the paragraphs in the body. They should explain the process that you used to make inquiries into your research. The following should also be included within the paragraphs:

  • A concise source introduction ( the title, who it was authored by, which type of media, the publisher, date of publication, etc.) is essential as is the reason you chose it for use during your exploration of the topic.
  • Any of the important information relating to your problem that you discovered from your source.
  • What makes the information dependable, and why it is important when related to the problem you are explaining.
  • Begin each paragraph in the body with a topic sentence that will introduce that section.


The conclusion should be used to restate the topic you have chosen to explore and summarize all of the main points you have discussed. Carefully go through your choice of wording to ensure that you have explained the problem, its causes, and its possible solutions in a way that is extremely easy for your audience to understand. If there are any unanswered questions relating to your topic, this is where they will be discussed. Briefly explain why you believe there are still unanswered questions, and what research would be needed to find out the answers.


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