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5 Things You Should Expect From Examples Of Good Essays

Writing a winning essay is not an easy task. Students feel stressful when they need to compose an academic essay on a given topic because they do not have either time or a basic understanding of the type of the paper. Teachers expect the students to take interest in the assignment and come up with fresh ideas to write their paper. Students look for examples or samples that will make their task easier and help them finish early. This is easy because you have the format, structure and tone as a sample that you can follow.

However, there a few considerations that you need to keep in mind while looking for a quality example. Remember that you need to learn the difference between a well-written paper and the one with low quality. This article will tell you the top five features that you will receive in a quality example. If any example that you find does not have these features, you should not rely on it at all.

  1. Right structure for your paper
  2. A quality paper will have the right structure. A professional knows how to compose a winning essay because he or she writes plenty of them during his career. There will be clear boundaries between introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. You will feel smooth transitions from one sentence to other and one paragraph to other. Some writers summarize the entire body paragraph in the last line before moving to a new idea.

  3. Precise and to the point
  4. This paper will not have any irrelevant details or waste your time. Experts know the art of quality writing is simple and to the point. If an example has irrelevant backgrounds or history of different materials then you need to avoid using it as a sample. It is a skill to restrict yourself to lesser words and explain your ideas in the given word count.

  5. Authenticated data and sources cited
  6. The data in the example will be valid, relevant and from authenticated source. They will not include data whose reliability is questionable. Most such pieces will have the citation and sources at the end.

  7. No repetition of ideas or data
  8. You will never find repetitive materials in a quality essay. When one idea is finished, it does not need to be brought up again.

  9. Follows the right direction until the end
  10. Quality example will have the same direction from start until the end.


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