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The Best Way To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay About Cinderella

There is certain things that must be understood in writing a compare and contrast essay on Cinderella. The moral of the story should be clear to the writer. It is too easy to get off track when gathering information. Putting together an outline will help keep time, events, and characters in some kind of order. The conclusion has a different type of summarization. It is about determining what the results will be because of the ending.

  • Decide on a subject or topic
  • Figure out what subject matter should be the topic of the compare and contrast. Approach each subject in the order it arrives in the story. The readers are informed, educated individuals. They will be able to tell the amount of effort put into the paper. Keep the sentences short and clear. Do not run the audience in circles. A well- disciplined paper will make smoother transitions from topic to topic. Be sure to read the story as many times as needed to have a better understanding of what you are writing on.

  • Decide what to compare and contrast
  • Use the comparisons to make the contrasting strong enough for the audience to see and understand. The three sisters were from same family, but were different in their morals and values. The animals were symbolic with powers but had different reasons for using them. The glass slipper carried a particular meaning. The sisters went to different lengths to make the shoe fit.

  • Two sides of the story
  • There were two different versions made of the story. The Grimm brother’s version used a darker side of the sacrifices made by the sisters. This was to bring to the surface the meanings behind each action. The writer could use the actions of the animals to the actions of her family to show the meaning between good and bad.

  • Karma is an excellent topic
  • The contrast of the symbol of karma comes into play. It shows what happens to the people who use their energy for good, as well as bad. Knowing what the negative actions bought the people who used them, as well as the positive ones, describe their futures.

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