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Practical Advice On The Use Of Transition Words In Argumentative Essays

Persuasive essays always raise two or multiple issues for writers to jot down the content through a compact argument. The writer needs to support his view by sticking to a particular ideology or issue. Opponent’s views should be explained and criticized by citing new examples. The cross verification, analysis and comparison in the content will entice readers to go though the persuasive write-up. Well, good transitional phrases and connecting words are used for enhancing the flow in content delivery from introduction to the body of content to conclude the last paragraph. Transitional phrases must be good connectors to help readers to discover the linkage between the introduction and rest of the content. Practical advices are needed by novice students to compose the argumentative essays using short transitional hooks to establish the connectivity and information channelization.

Use Decent Transitional Words in Persuasive Essays

There are many transitional terms and you need to use these phrases properly to upgrade the content. In the introduction, you need to write a thesis statement summing up the major points. So, you must find the best transitional words to determine the connectivity between different lines or words. To find the cause of any incident, you should use “for the purpose “, “in the event of” “because of” “due to” etc. When you start arguing in the content, you must have some interesting facts, evidences and solid ideas to place during cross verification or probing. Well, in the introductory part, you can insert few decent transitional terms like “in other words” “However “and “in general”. To support your argument, choose few selected transitional terms such as “for instance” “namely” “certainly” “indeed” and “especially”. Simultaneously, to express the result or consequences, opt for such transitional phrases /terms like “in that case” “thus” “therefore” and “henceforth”.

Conclude Paragraph with Effective Transitional Terms

The concluding lines of the persuasive paper must be qualitative with precision. Restate the thesis statement in the last paragraph. You should have assertive tone in support of your views. Don’t go for more analysis or critical probing giving new facts. Build up the connectivity with the introduction and body of content. Use terms like “in short”, “in brief” and “in conclusion”.

In this connection, download few sample lists of transitional terms which are usually used to frame or rephrase the persuasive content. The content revision is also vital to cross check the position of these connecting words. Well, online video tutorials and consultants will also provide you good samples, guidance and training to compose the qualitative persuasive write-up.


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