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Writing A Decent High School Dropout Problem Solution Essay

What is a problem solution essay? It is a paper, in which you give readers an idea of a certain problem, ways it’s being solved at the moment, their drawbacks and advantages, and offer your own solutions.

A good problem solution essay contains several necessary points that you should keep in mind. So, if you are writing an essay of this kind dedicated to the problem of high school dropout, your essay should be composed in the following way.

  • Give your readers a precise picture of the problem.
  • To complete this step, you need to do some research. High school dropouts are a problem, but not simply because somebody has said so. You need to study the rate of high school dropout in your area and collect certain statistic data. It will involve the social status of the students who resort to this step, reasons why they act so, their further plans, the way they manage to achieve certain success in life, etc. This information is necessary to create an average portrait of a person who dropouts and the main reasons that cause the entire problem.

  • Explain your readers why the problem needs a solution.
  • Speak about drawbacks of having incomplete high school education, problems in further life such students often encounter, being unable to build up a career, losing their trust in the system of education, and so on. Speak about the concern the state has about this problem and the activity and enthusiasm it shows in solving this problem.

  • Speak about how the problem is being solved.
  • For example, you can mention the job that is being done to explain the importance of high school education, and the recovery program that is meant for students who have left high school and regretted later.

  • Speak about your ideas of fighting the problem.
  • At this point, you need to develop a really effective solution to the problem of dropouts and pick out reliable arguments that can make your point of view more trustworthy. It’s a good idea to think about possible objections that can come from people with another point of view.

  • Defend your position.
  • You need to be ready to defend your point of view and provide your audience with arguments that can make them sure that the offered solution will ever work.

  • Refute your opponents.
  • Remember the preparation for the process of fighting back that was recommended above. If you think about contra arguments before they are voiced out, you can prevent the appearance of such arguments from the very start.


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