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How To Find A Free Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage?

Finding a free argumentative essay on gay marriage is completely possible if the student knows where to look. With a little bit of effort, students can find articles on both sides of the issue. These essays are available online and offline at a range of different prices.

Looking at the Cost

Most free options are easily found through an Internet search, but this is actually a problem for some students. If the student plans on turning the essay they find in, they must be extremely cautious about using free sites. Most of these articles can be found by searching the Internet, so they will appear plagiarized to the teacher. Students can either paraphrase and rewrite the free paper, or they can pay a writing company to create a customized paper.

Finding Free Options

The basic way to locate a free option is by doing a search of the Internet. Within the first one or two pages of results, the student will be able to find an essay writing site that includes free options. Once the student finds the site, they will still have to search for the topic of gay marriage. Students can get more specific results by searching for papers that are on the exact topic that they want.

Other than the essay sites, students can find sample papers on academic sites as well. Normally run by colleges, these sites include some of the best examples of writing available. Although the quality level is better, most students will still have problems finding the topic of gay marriage. If the student is willing to do some searching, they can still manage to come up with a document that will work.

Paraphrasing the Document

Once the student has located a free paper that they want to use, they will need to make sure that it does not appear to be plagiarized. To do this, the student should go through every line of the document and rewrite it. If too many words are still in the same order, it will appear to be plagiarized. To be safe, students should send their document through plagiarism detection software. Since this is the same type of program that teachers use to spot plagiarism, it should immediately alert the student to any problems that they may have. Students can also try searching for several sentences of their essay to see if the original essay appears in the results.


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