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11 Fresh Ideas For Writing An Opinion Essay On Sports

Are you trying to complete an opinion essay on sports, but have no idea what topic to select? There are many different topics that you can select, and making sure that the right one is selected is important. That’s because the correct topic can improve the quality of your work. On the other hand, if you select a difficult topic then your ability to complete the work will be much more difficult. With that thought in mind here are some ideas that you can use to find a bunch of great sports opinion topics, and also 11 ideas will be given.

11 topics

Here are 11 topics for your consideration to get you started right away:

  1. Should kids in school be pressed a lot harder to get into sports?
  2. What type of facilities should the government build in order to help increase the physical education for young kids?
  3. Are sports stars nowadays getting paid way too much money?
  4. How can kids be pushed into sports so that they understand the positive aspects that it can have on their lives.
  5. What are the 3 most popular sports in society in your opinion?
  6. Which sports has had the most positive effect on society?
  7. Which of the many sports stars out there provide the best example to young children?
  8. What sports are too dangerous and should be changed for the better?
  9. How can we fit in time into our lives so that sports is on the agenda?
  10. What are the biggest challenges for anyone having a sports career?
  11. Should sports be shown during prime time television?

These ideas presented above are just some of the topics that you can go with on your sport opinion essay. You can visit this website for a whole list of more options that you can go with. Keep in mind that selecting a topic is important because it allows you to figure out what you are interested in. so take a look at the list above carefully and select the kind of topic that can be easy to write on for you.


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