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A Creative Approach To Writing A 300-Word Expository Essay

Expository essays help you learn how to investigate a certain concept and gather information. This takes a lot of time for research, and you can never know what result you will get in the end. Naturally, it can be quite difficult to do this in a creative way; in the end, you have the same information like any other student, and you just have to arrange it and use it to write an argument. When the composition needs to be short, 300 words or less, you have to choose your words carefully:

  • Don’t focus on the details. You will not have time to filter the information and find the most important ideas if you are drowning in details. When you make research, emphasize the central ideas so you can build your essay around them. If you don’t have enough words after this, you can try to explain some of the ideas and get more into details.
  • Make your argument short. Many students write in their expository essays only a small amount of information, but they spend a long time composing their argument. To save some time and make this composition more interesting, keep your argument short. You don’t have to explain it or bring evidence to support it; if it’s the case, your professor will ask you to make an argumentative composition to complete this one.
  • Find interesting facts. You have to convince your colleagues that your statement is correct, and you don’t have too much space for this. In this case, you have to find undeniable facts and use them in your short text. For this, you can visit scientific websites or other trustworthy sources. Make sure that you don’t focus on one single fact for too long, because you will not have space to write anything else.
  • Search for synonyms. You have to explain a concept in your text but the definition is too long? In this case stop using this word and search for something more simple that does not need explanation. If you are lucky, your teacher will allow you to add an appendix or some footnotes and these are not included in the word count. There, you will be able to provide additional information but without going over the main 300 words. Verify the text before you submit it; even if it’s a short one, you can still make mistakes.

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