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Looking For Help With Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

When writing any essay, it is always best to use an outline. It does three things for the writer; organizes the work, a road map for the essay, and helps keep focus. Without these, the writer can write a very sloppy essay, easier than a good one. On longer essays, it is very easy to get lost, but even a short one, like a five paragraph essay can get confusing. So, how to write an outline for a five paragraph essay? That is what we will focus on here.

  1. Topic, and Research
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion
  5. Outline Notes

Topic and Research

Always have your topic and research done, before starting the essay, and this includes the outline. As the notes taken from the research, will be needed to help construct the outline. Just as much as they are needed in writing the essay, the outline relies on them too. This will be gone over in the rest of the article, but they are needed to work the outline.


Just as in writing the essay, outlining each part is equally important. So start with the introduction, and build out. Yes, outline the introduction, and how you want to write the catch line, then how the problem is to be stated, and then your view, then what should the reader know about the essay, in their outline.


Outline the body, so that each reference used, will be placed where the writer wants it, and can be led into. Name each paragraph, so the writer knows what is to be said in each one, of the three. Describe what is to be said in each line, so when it comes time to write it, the flow keeps even and coherent easier.


Here the writer should know what will not be able to be fully closed at that point, and can be planned to finish here. Then how does the writer want to close the essay? If it is thought to be a question, then point out what the question will be on. So it can be designed, to direct the reader to ask the question the writer wants, and not their own.

Outline Notes

Notes can be included into an outline. If there is something that needs to be reminded of, place a special note there for the writer. Something like; (Too many questions remain on this, focus on Adam’s study), so the writer will remember anything special on what is to be done.


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