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10 Fresh Ideas For Your Renaissance Art Essay

Renaissance art might not seem like the subject that you describe as “fresh” but there are ways to approach the topic that are not tired and trite. You might think it is impossible to write an essay about a topic that is hundreds of years old; but in reality, these older subjects can be fun and imaginative. Here are a few ideas that you can use to freshen up you Renaissance art essay:

  1. Look at a theme in Renaissance art. It can be fun to look at theme, like weapons, love, or hunting, and then look at the different ways that artists portrayed these themes in their work. Look at the colors, sizes, backgrounds, and other elements.
  2. Analyze the appearance of the body. What do men and women look like in Renaissance art? Is the appearance based on social status?
  3. Compare Renaissance art to your favorite period of art. It does not matter what art period is your favorite, you are sure to find some similarities and differences between that period and the Renaissance period.
  4. Look at the way Renaissance art is portrayed in films today. Some films involve famous Renaissance art and it can be fun to look at how the art is shown and used in the films.
  5. Study an alternative form of art, like ceramics or tapestries instead of painting and sculpture. Most people think of sculpture and painting as the major forms of Renaissance art. Instead of looking at the popular pieces, you can take the time to look at lesser known pieces, like ceramics, music, or tapestries.
  6. Analyze domestic art and the lifestyles of the artists. This is similar to looking at an artistic theme, but while looking at paintings that display domestic arts and how domestic arts were handled at the artist’s home.
  7. Study the different types of printmaking. There are several different types of prints and you could write a fascinating paper about the differences.
  8. Look at how music is portrayed in Renaissance painting. What instruments are commonly portrayed? Are they being played or are they just used as decoration? How are the instruments different from the ones played today?
  9. Study collections of Renaissance art in popular museums. What do those collections show about the people who run the museums and the people who visit the museums?
  10. Analyze the cityscape in Renaissance art set in different cities. What were the cities like and how have they changed over time?

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