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How to Choose Unused Topics for Persuasive Essays

It’s good news for any student being asked to write a persuasive essay in that there is almost a limitless supply of topics. But in this particular article we’re looking at finding topics which are unused; that is to say persuasive essay topics which rarely if ever has been written about. Now a number of points arise from this situation.

  • How do we know when a persuasive essay topic is unused?
  • Because it is unused does that mean that it's a good essay topic to write about?
  • Where can we find a list of unused persuasive essay topics?

It is very easy to find a list of persuasive essay topics. The point however is that before we can choose a particular topic from the list we need to find out if a topic has been written about before. It stands to reason that if such a topic is listed as a persuasive essay topic then it's there because it's already been written about. So we may very well have a self-defeating situation.

Let's say you find a persuasive essay topic which really appeals to you then that is a way for you to assess its popularity. Do a search on the specific topic and see what sort of response you get. One way to solve the problem however is to take a topic you like but which has been used before and tweak it. Create a new angle or approach to that topic and thus that would become a new persuasive essay topic.

Don't make the mistake that because you find a persuasive essay topic that is unused that it will necessarily be good for you. All the usual tests need to apply.

Regardless of the situation and assuming you can't find such a list then it's up to you to take a topic which has been used and find a new approach to using it. Here are some used or well-known persuasive essay topics which you could tweak to create something unique.

  1. Acid rain is responsible for a great deal of deforestation.
  2. The world legal system needs to do far more in tackling genocide.
  3. Gay marriage should be allowed in every country.
  4. Domestic violence needs to be tackled in schools.
  5. All citizens should be eligible for consideration as a parent wishing to adopt.
  6. Global warming needs international consultation.
  7. Society should pay far more attention to the well-being of the elderly.
  8. Governments must develop much stronger laws to combat animal cruelty.
  9. Parents need educating about the dangers of the Internet for their children.
  10. Cyber bullying needs far more resources to help combat it.

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