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How To Compose An Impressive Cause And Effect Essay On Alcoholism: Basic Instructions

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse has for a long time been an issue of concern in many societies across the world. It is widely acknowledged that the sheer scale of alcoholism makes it a significantly more serious issue that any other drug. In addition, the effects of alcoholism are well known and people are constantly trying to find out the potential causes of this phenomenon. Due to this reason, alcoholism is always in the limelight and it frequently emerges as an essay topic. In case you are required to write an academic paper about the issue, here are some basic instructions on how to compose an impressive cause and effect essay on alcoholism.


In the introduction, you should briefly explain what the essay is about and how you will be presenting it. For example in this case, you will be presenting the causes and the effects of alcoholism. Your introduction should also include a sentence that summarizes you conclusion. However, do not go into any deeper details at this stage.


The thesis is the main or central idea of the discussion of your paper. In this case, the thesis should be a statement of something that you will attempt to prove as true or false. You need to be careful when selecting the thesis because an illogical or vague thesis almost always results in a poorly composed essay.

The Body

The body is the main section of the paper. This is the section where you present your concrete ideas, facts, arguments, evidence and concepts. In this section, you need to go into the details of the topic as much as it is necessary to drive your point home. If necessary, you can support your arguments or ideas with references so that the reader can conduct further research to ascertain your claims. In the case of a cause and effect essay, your discussion section will comprise of two parts. One part will discuss the cause and the other part will be dedicated to the effects.


In this section of the essay, you should present an explanation of what you think has been made very clear in the body discussions. This is usually in the form of saying whether the thesis statement is right or not. At this stage, you should not introduce any new ideas, arguments, or concepts that were not discussed in the body section. You must also ensure that the discussion follows a logical sequence.


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