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Crafting A 1000-Word Informative Essay – Ideas And Suggestions

An informative essay could be one of the easiest kinds of papers to write, as long as you know how to do it and the way to format it. Very simply put - an informative paper is one which explains and describes a certain subject and provides information to the reader about it. You can literally pick any subject that interests you - from current affairs to how a computer works.

How to craft this writing piece

  • Once you have picked the subject that you want to write about, the next step is to learn as much there is to know about it as you can. This is the reason picking something specific is important, for a subject like ‘how a computer works’ - the data that you can include in your paper is endless. Writing on how a keyboard works instead might be a simpler topic to deal with, especially since it is a 1000 word paper.
  • Format the paper in such a way that you reserve at least 200 words each for your introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, you can discuss what the subject of your paper is and why it is an important topic to write about. In your conclusion, you should tie up all the points that you have made about the subject in a conclusive fashion.
  • The rest of the 800 words goes into the body of the paper where you will do the explaining. A good informative paper will be about the information being provided rather than the opinions and feelings of the writer. It is important therefore to use all the research material you have and your own knowledge to write this section of your paper while keeping in mind that the reader might not have any prior knowledge about the topic.
  • Feel free to divide up the body of the paper into several sections. The 800 remaining words should ideally be separated into three different paragraphs of the same or varying length. However each paragraph should have its own central theme or point.
  • The tone of the essay should be formal and academic. As compared to an opinion piece, an informative paper is all about the facts and using a legitimate and formal voice makes the essay sound more authentic and reliable.

An informative paper can be a very education style of writing about something and is an even more interesting read if presented well.


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