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A List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

Teachers have read almost every essay topic in the past. After years of grading papers, they are familiar with the most common persuasive essay topics. Students who want an original idea need to spend extra time thinking of a topic. To get started, the following list contains some ideas for an interesting paper.

What Is It?

A persuasive essay is designed to persuade the reader to a specific viewpoint. The student must find a topic and pick a side to argue on. Once they pick an argument, they must use solid evidence and a clear writing style to convince the reader that their viewpoint is the right one.

A List of Topic Ideas

  1. Does eating stimulate brain activity?
  2. Should every murderer be given the death penalty?
  3. Is plastic surgery destroying real beauty?
  4. Should people be allowed to experiment on animals for medical research?
  5. Should the United States have started a war in Iraq?
  6. The death penalty actually costs more to implement than a life sentence in prison. Should it remain a part of the United States legal system?
  7. Should bodies be exhumed for any reason?
  8. Should men or women be allowed to have more than one spouse?
  9. Should the United States contract out the correctional system to privately-run prisons?
  10. Should people be required to adopt a vegetarian diet?
  11. Should creationism be taught in schools?
  12. Should contraception techniques be taught in high school?
  13. Should driving be allowed at a younger age than voting?
  14. Should parents be able to move from city to city without the approval of their children?
  15. Should it be easier for children to become emancipated from their parents?
  16. Should teenagers be allowed to get a cosmetic surgery before they turn 18 years old?
  17. Is the image of the United States affected by their recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  18. In many countries, students are admitted to schools based entirely on their grades and the difficulty of their coursework. United States colleges normally look for a “well-rounded” student. Should extracurricular activities be a part of college admissions?
  19. Should students be expelled from college for plagiarizing a paper?
  20. Should students be required to learn a second language and speak fluently before they graduate high school?
  21. Illegal immigration is a popular subject on talk radio. Would lifting the immigration quota from Mexico and Central America decrease the number of illegal immigrants?
  22. Is lying every acceptable?
  23. Should people who are in love always get married?
  24. Should every student be provided with an opportunity to study abroad by the federal government?
  25. Should rich students be penalized on college admissions because they were given more opportunities than poor students?

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