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How To Find New Essay Topics:10 Inspiring Ideas

Finding an essay topic is difficult. Finding one that has not been done to death is even more difficult. Where can you do to get inspiration for essay topics that are going to stand out from the crowd? Inspiration is all around you, and it can sometimes come from the most unlikely places. If you are really stuck on how to find a fresh and exciting essay topic, check through this list of inspiring ideas!

Newspapers or News Sites: While local news of the day will not be any help, pay attention to new current issues that are ongoing. If you get really lucky, not only will you hear about something that you can turn into a research paper, but it will be a topic that has never been done before.

Social Media Sites: Thanks to the power of social networking, information moves across the world at a lightning fast speed. People tend to quickly jump on the bandwagon of a new issue that goes viral. Some very interesting ideas come out that may be adaptable to your essay.

Your Hobbies: Is there something that you do really well? Maybe something interesting and unusual? Turn that knowledge into a "How To" essay. These can often be unique since people do things in different ways.

Movies: I am not talking about stealing the topic of the movie, but often you will see something good enough to get you thinking. It may just be one scene, however, it could lead to an essay topic that you would never have thought of on your own.

Blogs: If there is a topic, there is a blog for it. There are plenty of general blogs as well, and each day is a new chance to discover something worthy of writing an essay.

Overheard Conversations: People talk about all sorts of different things in public places. Along with picking up some meaningless gossip, occasionally you will come across a tidbit that starts you thinking, "What if?".

Forums: Forums are a goldmine of ideas. Some of the best ones online have new ideas daily that may just be the inspiration that you are looking for.

Books: No matter what type of books that you like to read, it only takes one line to stand out in your memory. From a concept that you have never thought of, to an old idea that can be made totally new and original, books are a fountain of opportunity for essay topic ideas.

Nature: Along with clearing the mind, since nature is constantly changing and evolving, a long walk in a new area may bring with it the opportunity to view behaviors or trends that have never been noticed before.

Travel: If you are going on vacation, or have recently been away, the things that you have seen may just be worth writing about. With the variety of different cultures, laws, languages, food, and numerous other area-specific ways of living, there just may be an adaptable idea that you can use.


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