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How To Come Up With An Intriguing Essay Topic - A Step-By-Step Guide

Every student will be told many times that the choice of essay topic is so important. Get the topic right and so many good things can happen. But the opposite is also true. Get the choice of essay topic wrong, you have a real uphill battle in front of you.

But the purpose of this article is to discuss what makes an essay topic intriguing. If we look at the dictionary we find that the meaning of the word intriguing is that it is something which arouses somebody's curiosity or interest. So what makes an essay topic intriguing?

  • Does it ask a question?
  • Does it make a statement which you intend to prove is true?
  • Is it unique?
  • Is it a different approach to a popular topic?

If you use a question as part of your essay topic you are inviting the reader to study your essay in order to find the answer. The assumption being that having asked the question you will provide the proper answer throughout the paragraphs of your essay. So if you want to attract somebody's attention, turn your essay topic into a question.

Another alternative is to make your essay topic a bold statement. Here you tell the reader that something is true or real or will happen. You're making a statement of fact. And that will appeal to many readers because they want to know how you know your statement is true. It goes without saying of course that you will write with lots of supportive evidence to prove the statement in your title.

If you can come up with a unique essay topic you're well on the way to grabbing anyone's attention. They look at your unique essay topic and realize they have never seen that topic before. Mind you it will take a fair bit of imagination to come up with a unique essay topic but if you can you will really have something intriguing.

One mistake that many students make is that they choose a topic which hundreds if not thousands of students have chosen before them. It's a case of the same old same old. But there is a way around this. You can choose an essay topic which of itself is very popular but you tackle it from a different angle. You think outside the square. And when you do that you suddenly make what would seemingly be a regular essay topic and turn it into something which is intriguing.


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