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List Of Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Grade 7

Compare and contrast essays attempt to thoroughly investigate and analyze a topic or situation and relate it to another, distinctly different one. The essay must be concise and objective, the student must not express any opinion or speculation, simply analyze the subjects based on facts and attempt to show similarities or differences between the two. Here are 18 compare and contrast essays for grade 7 :

  1. Show how the life in a tropical rain forest is vastly different from that of a desert environment and show any similarities in survival techniques that exists between the two.
  2. Describe the flight mechanisms in a bird and show how they are similar to those present in aquatic creatures.
  3. Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have both made discoveries that drastically changed our world. What are the similarities between these men?
  4. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison have both made significant contributions to electronics. How were these two men distinct from each other?
  5. What are the main differences between the earth and the moon that distinguishes one as a planet?
  6. Duration aside, how is the life cycle of a mosquito unlike from that of a human?
  7. How are deciduous trees different from evergreen trees in both yearly cycle and location of habitats?
  8. Describe the features of a frog and a fish showing how each feature assists it in their survival.
  9. Show the differences between organic and inorganic farming. Outline the main benefits of each.
  10. What are the distinguishing properties in both appearance and uses that makes a chair distinct from a bench.
  11. How are butterflies unlike moths? Give evidence based on the entire life cycle of both creatures.
  12. Show how the gender of the individual affects their study habits and learning potential based on gender decided traits.
  13. Compare our present world with a hypothetical one in which computers never existed.
  14. Describe the differences between a human being and a monkey living in the wild.
  15. Show how the feathers of a flying bird are similar to the scales of a fish.
  16. Describe the environmental factors that lead to some species having scales and others having skin covered with hair.
  17. List the major features that distinguish homeschooling from public education systems that would encourage an individual to choose either one.
  18. List the changes that machinery, such as motorcars, have brought to the world. Compare the ways tasks were accomplished before vehicles to the methods used in modern times.

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