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How to ace in academic writing: impressive persuasive essay topics for college

Persuasive essays may be easy to write, but the element comes in actually being able to convince someone your claim, argument or viewpoint is true. You have to be convincing your idea can be achieved. You need elements that can persuade a reader to believe this could happen. This is where a creative topic comes in. You need to know which subject areas you are willing to write about that have good angles of persuasion. To help you get ideas of your own here are a few topics to consider for your next persuasive essay.

  1. Smoking. Another idea for this subject could be that parents should be punished when their underage child is caught smoking.
  2. Social media. Social media has side effects most people don’t care about. How social media helps people overcome social anxiety?
  3. Humor. Guaranteed ways to make someone laugh. Humor has healthy side effects everyone should experience.
  4. Bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is not bad for your credit history. Filing bankruptcy makes it easier to get a loan for a mortgage or a car. Employers should consider someone’s history of filing bankruptcy when hiring new employees.
  5. Bullying. Parents should work with schools to put an end to it. How is a bully to blame when a child they are bullying decides to harm themselves?
  6. Junk food. Junk food can have healthy side effects. People should eat junk food more often. Why junk food is bad for you. Why more people eat junk food on a regular basis over healthy foods.
  7. Eating disorders. Why starving yourself is not recommended. You cannot lose weight faster by starving yourself.
  8. Parenting. It is easier to raise one child than more than one on your own.
  9. Divorce. The effects of divorce on children can have positive effects on how they develop.
  10. Abortion. When is it considered okay to end a pregnancy?
  11. Education. Every child should have a right to a free education through college.
  12. Marriage. A couple should date each other for a specific period of time before getting married.
  13. Music. Certain types of music should be banned from being broadcast over the radio.
  14. Texting. Teenagers should face jail time for inappropriate or explicit text messages they send.
  15. Traveling. Everyone should be required to travel to a foreign country at least once during their lifetime.

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