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How to Pick Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Argument essays are designed to show your audience one side of a topic. You don’t necessarily have to persuade them to agree with your side but you want to explain it to them. Argument essays are best when controversial issues are the topics. That is because they have supporters and opposition. That makes it a lot more interesting. You will write your paper explaining one side.

This paper is not designed to give your opinion on the topic but rather just to state the reasons why you have taken that side. It is much like a persuasive essay however a persuasive essay talks about the writer’s opinion and tries to get the reader to agree, and an argumentative essay simply shows facts as to why someone should believe their side.

How do you choose a good topic?

The best way to choose a topic for your argumentative essay is to choose a controversial issue that you strongly agree to support or strongly agree to oppose. This is a great way because controversial issues have information to support either side. You won’t get stuck trying to find information because you choose one way or the other.

There may be times when you think that a controversial issue should be allowed sometimes. If this is the case, choose another topic. You want one where you believe that it is wrong or right all the time. For example, if you don’t believe in abortion but you think that if a women is raped and gets pregnant then she should be able to get rid of the baby, choose another topic. If you think that wearing animal fur is wrong no matter what, then choose this topic so that you can argue your point.

Choose a topic that is relevant to your class. There needs to be an understanding that the main idea behind writing a paper is to get a better understanding of the class that you are taking so you may have to choose a topic that relates to your class. Look in your text book to get some solid ideas on where to start.

Argumentative essays can be a little intimidating. It this is the case, write an outline. It will help you brainstorm reasons why you support your topic. It will also help you organize your thoughts and make sure that you don’t add in any interesting but irrelevant material.


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