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Creating An Argumentative Essay On The Russian Operation In Syria

Your teacher has given you the assignment of writing an “argumentative essay”, and, to be honest, you are not even sure what one is. The purpose of one is to inform clearly your audience of the main factors involved and also to take a strong position for or against. It is a lot like a persuasion speech in that you are not just there to fill people’s heads with information, but rather to ask for action. Check out this great website to see how to do this.

How To Create Argumentative Essay On Russia Operation In Syria

As stated above briefly, we are not here to only inform our audience with information. We are also here to persuade them to make some type of “change”. This change might be a change in behavior, but it could also be a change in priorities, attitudes, or feelings about something.

  • First, if the goal is to persuade someone, then you will want to know your audience. What does this mean to “know your audience”? At least understand why they hold onto the position they do, and the main reasons behind it. Example: is that there are pros(+) and cons(-) of the Russian operation in Syria, and what are they?
  • Second, bounce your argument off of other people to “test” to see if it holds up. It would be better if you could submit it to someone who does not agree with you for then you will quickly find out if your reasons and logic hold up to their questions. Example: we need to stay away from the conflict in Syria otherwise there might be terrible consequences of picking a fight with others too like China and/or Iran.
  • Next is the building of your argument- Here is where you start putting together the Title, the “hook” as they say, and the introduction. Titles are usually a clear short phrase (this is happening) followed by the consequence.
  • Thesis- This is where you make a clear claim, and why it is important. Do not fall into the trap of just making a claim, which will not interest people. However, make a powerful clear statement, and why it is vital people listen.
  • Body- You get the opportunity to present both sides of this controversial subject here, and the results of both. In the Russian example: if we do nothing, then there will be more bloodshed of innocent people; if we step in then, we might get into a fight with others also.
  • Conclusion- This is where you wrap it up and ask people to make a change or take some action of some kind. Example: If we just sit back and watch more bloodshed happen, which is un-humanitarian, then the time may come when we want help from others, and they only sit and watch us in need.

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