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Vaccination is a process wherein a virus or a bacteria was administered in the human body through means of needle injection, nasal spray or by mouth. This helps to develop antibodies in the body and strengthen the immune system to fight diseases. In the process of active immunity, vaccines allow immune system to generate its own antibodies, even a person’s body is infected. For instance a person who was being vaccinated and happened to have a contact with the diseases, the chances of the person getting the disease would be low. The immune system will immediately distinguish the disease and produce a certain type of antibodies that the body will be needing for the body not to be infected.

Implementation of vaccines across regions have societal and economic impact which prevents the occurrence of diseases. In societal level, it was being observed that those children covered with immunization program were said to be prevented from having an illness, hospitalized or suffered from premature deaths. Studies have also shown that diseases like Measles that could kill hundreds of infants is not anymore considered in 2002 as an endemic disease due to the availability of vaccines provided in the United States.

In economic level, globally it was justified that the innovation of vaccines across regions allows the nation to save the money for the health care system. Without the invention of vaccine eradication of any disease would not be possible. Vaccines do not just protect the infants, but also adolescents and adults.

Until these days it was still considered as a challenge for medical practitioners, clinicians and public health workers for importations of these vaccines such as distribution of supply and financial constraints still serves as a problem at present. As the population was given immunization, it’s possible to happen that disease may disappear or completely eliminate the spread. Vaccines are one feasible way to fight spread of disease globally, especially in developing countries. Though in some instances, vaccines are continued to be undervalued and underused. With the help of existing organizations such as UNICEF and World Health Organization made this possible to give solution to cut off the increasing number of deaths among humanity. A Global health organization in partnership with international and local government provides awareness to the community the importance of immunization in eradicating the spread of diseases. Vaccines serves a tool to prevent the community from getting diseases. The movement is ensuring that the children are protected and to promote a healthy future for each family.


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