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Death Of A Salesman- Top 5 Essay Topics To Consider

Arthur Miller wrote the play Death of a Salesman back in 1949. It ran on Broadway over seven hundred times and has been brought back four times since then. It is a popular play that many students are asked to read. When you have to write an essay about it, here are some really good topics to consider.

When choosing a topic, make sure it is one that you feel that you really understand. It will make a big difference in how your paper turns out. You should also find one that interests you as well. When you have an interest in a subject, you tend to be able to develop ideas easier and in turn write a better paper.

  1. Can you consider Willy Loman a martyr?
  2. Does Linda have a different interpretation of Willy’s death than his sons do?
  3. Do the characters names play a special significance in the story?
  4. Do the women’s stockings play a motif in the story?
  5. Express how the modern conveniences are portrayed by Miller.

These are some strong ideas to help you get started on this paper. The answer to you topic question will be your thesis. This is what you are trying to prove. It will be what your paper is about. Here is a simple breakdown of the elements you should include in your essay.

  • Introduction: In your introduction, you will want to give some background information on the book and on the author. You will have to include enough of the plot for your essay to make sense to someone who has never read the play. For example, if you choose to write about Willy Loman being a martyr, you have to explain what happened to him that would cause someone to believe that he could have been a martyr. Your introduction will end with your thesis statement which is a sentence stating whether you think he was a martyr or not and three supporting reasons.
  • Body paragraphs: Each of your three supporting paragraphs will explain each of the three reasons why you believe your thesis. They will each have two pieces of evidence from the text to support the claims along with an explanation of each piece of evidence. Therefore, it should consist of a topic sentence, a piece of evidence, explanation of that evidence, a new piece of evidence, explanation of the new piece of evidence, and a transition to new topic.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion will restate the thesis and touch back on the three supporting points.

This will help you write an excellent paper on this play.


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