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How To Develop And Narrow Definition Essay Topics

As suggested by the name, a definition essay will seek to define a word, concept, idea or some other notion. However, definition essays should attempt to examine an idea that is abstract in some way. For example, a poor topic for a definition essay assignment would be a flower. Everyone is pretty much in agreement as to what a flower is, and the physical, biochemical, and other properties that make a flower a flower.

Many flowers are beautiful. Now “beauty” would be an excellent topic for a definition essay topic. Everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful and what is not. Our ideas of beauty may have been influenced by our upbringing, our gender, our culture and a million other factors. Beauty is a highly subjective notion and one which may evoke personal, emotional responses in a person.

As with any essay assignment, one of the first and most important tasks you must accomplish is to make up your mind as to what is a truly magnificent topic. You should select a subject with which you are familiar, and have an interest in.

Definition essays may present a particular challenge for you. But don't worry. We have thought it through, and put together a list of ideas and tips to help you develop and narrow down a simply divine definition essay topic.

Definition Essay Ideas And Prospective Topics

  • Abstract Ideas Make Awesome Definition Essays
  • Love. Hate. Strength. Weakness. We all have our own personal perspectives on what these words mean, and how they translate into ideas, and affect our individual actions. We all have our own definitions of these terms. Ask people “what is love?” and it is highly unlikely that you would ever receive the same answer twice.

    If you have to write a definition essay, it is up to you to decide how to define love. Present your readers with your arguments, and the evidence and facts that you have to defend your position on what is a highly emotional and controversial topic.

  • The Next Step Is To Narrow It Down
  • So you have decided to write a definition essay about love. Love at first sight? Eternal love? Straight, gay or first love? Decide what the best way for you is to proceed with your approach to the topic of your essay. Make sure you are familiar with the subject and can write truthfully and honestly about the matter at hand. Are you are a straight man who is still a virgin? Probably best not to write about long term lesbian lovers!


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