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How To Write An Effective Essay Conclusion: Tips & Examples

The conclusion is an important part of the essay. You should always add a conclusion to your essay. It is the paragraph that is designed to wrap your paper up. It is the last thing that your audience is going to read and will leave a lasting impression. You can utilize these tips to help you write a successful one.

One great way to start getting an idea of how to write your conclusion is to read through a few great conclusions first. You can see how the author wrapped the paper up, restated the main points, and left the reader with something interesting to think about.


  1. Restate your thesis and main points
  2. In your conclusion, you will restate you thesis and main ideas. You want to make sure that you don’t just copy and paste the thesis statement. Your reader has all the information that they need now because you have explained it to them. You will want to restate the ideas but in a little more depth. Concentrate on the explanation of how they all come together.

  3. Make it interesting
  4. You are leaving a lasting impression on your audience. You will want to make sure that your conclusion is interesting. It needs to be creative and really leave your reader thinking “WOW”. They should feel like the paper has come full circle and feel like it has tied all lose ends.

  5. Leave reader with something to think about
  6. You never want to introduce new topics at the end of your paper or introduce a new supporting detail to prove your thesis. But you can however, leave them with an interesting fact that supports one of your reasons. Leave some proof on one of your supporting reasons for the conclusion. It will leave the reader with something to think about which will make your essay better.


  1. Professional writer
  2. If you are looking for a good sample conclusion, you can check on a professional writing site. They showcase their talent by submitting examples of their work to their potential clients for free.

  3. Resources
  4. The resources that you use to do some research have solid conclusions as well. Read through a few of them to get an idea of what you are expected to do.

Your conclusion is an important part of your essay. There are many times when a writer will get through the main paragraphs and rush through the conclusion to get done. You do have to restate your thesis but that is not all you have to do.


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